Connie Kraska’s View of Denver

As I sit in my office on a rainy Friday afternoon, I find myself thinking a lot about Denver. I am a Colorado native, born and raised and I am trying to pin point what has impacted our market in such a dramatically positive way in such a short time and I have several different theories pushing to the forefront of my mind-

First, the weather. While Denver has always been a sunny, gloriously unpredictable place for weather, what about it has changed in the last three years to attract so many new people to this state? My answer is, nothing. Nothing has changed, it has just gotten more awesome! The summer of 2014 was beautiful, with daily afternoon showers which kept the fires down and the grasses green. The winter was excellent as well, with a record amount of snow in the mountains, skiers, snowboarders and the like were attracted to the slopes for months! In Denver, autumn is my favorite time of year. I’m not sure, just something in the air that smells and feels different-like things are about to get beautiful.  I think that experiencing all four seasons in Denver has a lot to do with our popularity.

Secondly, our rockin’ economy. For the last three years, Denver has experienced a decline in unemployment, an increase in home values and an overall positive outlook on our economy. Some will argue that the marijuana industry had a lot to do with that and I am not one to argue that point. This industry has impacted our state in many positive ways, to which I am grateful. There is a strong group of leaders in Denver, led by Governor John Hickenlooper and Mayor of Denver Michael Hancock which have helped to place legislation where our community continues to grow. A strong economy gives the people the power to thrive.

Lastly, Denver’s overall awesomeness… This may seem a little over-the-top, but it’s true. Walking around this city is different than any other city I have been to. The air is clean, the people are friendly and the city is ALIVE with excitement about everything new and happening in Denver. Here you can take your dog to the local Bark Bar and enjoy a microbrew while your pooch mingles with other little labs or beagles or pugs (this is my personal favorite! I have a little pug named Jezabel).  Here you can party in the City, relax on a lake, hike up to the mountains or enjoy any other activity one might desire, all within a 30 minute drive.

As I sit here and think about why everyone is moving to Denver, I can’t help but ask myself, “Why not?”

It really is the perfect place to live.

Connie Kraska, e-PRO

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